Pjama® clothing & alarm treatment system

Pjama® clothing & alarm treatment system

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The Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment is a combination treatment system comprising:

  • clothing items (pyjama trousers, shorts or pants),
  • a clip-on moisture-sensor which attaches to the trousers, shorts and pants
  • a wireless, bedside alarm unit.

When your child has a wetting incident, the sensor on the clothing is triggered and sends a signal to the bedside alarm box. 

The sound of the bedwetting alarm wakes your child up and alerts you.

The Pjama® trousers and shorts are made of soft fabric with an inner membrane which absorbs urine and helps to protect your child's bedding and mattress from the wetting. 

The Pjama® pants are designed for children who have infrequent wetting accidents and do not have the absorbent inner membrane.

Progress using the Pjama® Bedwetting Treatment system can be tracked using the free Pjama® app available from Apple Store and Google Play.

The app allows you to record details such as:

  • the frequency of wetting incidents
  • the time of the wetting

When you install the app, your smartphone can also receive notifications every time the sensor on your child's clothing is activated, letting you know when the wetting has happened.

Pjama® Bedwetting garments for  can be purchased as individual items and as Pjama® Treatment Kits that contain 2 treatment pants or shorts, a Pjama® Bedwetting Alarm with Moisture Sensor and a Pjama® Bag.

Pjama® Bedwetting Alarms with Moisture Sensor can also be purchased separately.


ERIC has teamed up with Pjama® and Win Health Medical to offer this new Bedwetting Treatment. By clicking on our shop link through to the Win Health Medical website, ERIC will receive a small commission on any Pjama® products that you buy. Any money raised this way will be invested back into delivering our charitable services.