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ERIC's online shop stocks products to help your child overcome or manage their bowel or bladder problem. Every purchase helps to support our charitable work.

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Bedding, clothing, books, alarms and toilet training accessories carefully selected to help your child manage their continence issues.


Bedwetting alarms

Body-worn, wireless and bed mat alarms and accessories, to help your child become dry at night.



Fashionable underwear, nightwear and swimwear for boys and girls to help your child manage wetting and soiling accidents.


Bedding protection

Waterproof bedding in comfortable, modern prints & fabrics designed to protect your mattresses, duvets and pillows from night-time accidents.


Vibrating alarm watches

Vibrating alarm watches in a range of modern colours, helping your child with reminders to go the toilet, take medication and other daily tasks.


Potty and toilet training

Handy aids and washables to help you and your child with potty training and the accidents you will encounter along the way.


Toileting books

Books to help with potty training toddlers and understanding how to support older children & those with additional needs with using the toilet.


Free downloads

Free downloads and resources from ERIC, The Children's Bowel Bladder Charity helping you to manage your child's toileting challenges.


Why choose a bedwetting alarm?

Bedwetting alarms are a really effective way of helping train children to become dry at night.

Find out more about how they work and the different features of the alarms that we sell.

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Illustration of the different alarms that we sell. Click on "Learn more" for a detailed description of each.
Blue sillicone watch with digital display

Tabtime alarm reminder watch

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Customer feedback

Our 9yr old has never been dry at night as he sleeps so soundly. We chose a wireless alarm as he is quite a wriggly sleeper and it worked perfectly for him. We would highly recommend this to anyone, it's worth every penny and wish we'd tried it sooner.

Happy mum, Oct 2023

This is a great sleeping bag liner, exactly as described and better quality than any high street bought ones we have used. Worth the money.

MC, November 2023

These [pants] have given my daughter so much more freedom and confidence. They are more discreet and easier for her to manage on her own at school, at friends’ houses, etc. They even enabled her to go on her first two night residential school trip. Would highly recommend.

Amie, May 2023

Why buy from ERIC

  1. Expertise and Experience – ERIC has been providing information and support to families and their children for over thirty years

  2. Product range – every item we sell has been selected by our continence experts and chosen for their quality and reliability

  3. Customer support – our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to talk to about your purchase, to help you make the right choice for your child

  4. Expert support - a freephone Helpline to speak to one of our expert continence advisors about your child’s condition

  5. Reputation - we are a trusted supplier to NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers

  6. Helping Children - when you buy from ERIC, all profits from sales go back into funding our charitable services

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to talk to you about your purchase, to help you make the right choice for your child.