About us

ERIC, The Children’s Bowel & Charity is the UK’s leading charity supporting all children and teenagers with a bowel or bladder problem.

For over thirty years, we have been providing information and emotional support to families about these common but often misunderstood conditions.

Our charitable services include:

  • A free telephone and email helpline offering emotional support and practical strategies for managing continence conditions
  • Support and information events for parents and carers
  • Clinically correct information and digital resources on potty training, bowel problems, daytime bladder problems and bedwetting
  • Training for health and education professionals
  • Campaigns to raise awareness and to improve support available to children in education settings and the NHS.

Since ERIC was first established as a charity in 1991, our online shop has played an important role in the support that we’re able to offer families whose children experience a bladder or bowel problem.

With over 30 years’ experience of selling bedwetting alarms, bedding, books and specialist clothing, the ERIC team has built up a huge amount of product knowledge and we are here to help you make sure that the product you purchase is right for your child.

And unlike other online retailers, every penny raised by your purchases with ERIC will help to improve the lives of children affected by these distressing bowel and bladder conditions.

To find out more about our work, visit our website.