Astric Dry-Bed alarm replacement detector pad

Astric Dry-Bed alarm replacement detector pad

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Spare detector pad for Astric Dry Bed bed mat bedwetting alarm.

  • Made from soft, durable plastic to ensure maximum comfort
  • Reverse of pad has grained effect plastic preventing pad from slipping
  • Three month guarantee

Care instructions:

It is very important that the cleaning process is followed every time urine comes into contact with the Detector Pad for 2 reasons:

  1. Even a small residue of urine (undetectable by the eye) is enough to set the alarm off. 
  2. Urine contains an acid. Acid that has not been cleaned away will degrade the Detector Pad.
The recommended method of cleaning the Detector Pad is to place your pad under warm running water and wipe with a clean cloth.