Bedwetting in Children and Young People: A guide for parents by Dr C Yemula

Bedwetting in Children and Young People: A guide for parents by Dr C Yemula

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This 2nd edition of the book provides simple and up-to-date information about bedwetting seen in children and young people. You can try a number of simple self-help and behavioural strategies to help your child's bedwetting difficulties.

In addition, the book provides a wealth of information about common causes of bedwetting, associated conditions, various treatment options and also user-friendly resources.

What we say…..

The impact of bedwetting on children, young people and their families is huge, often leading to embarrassment and isolation. This easy to read book can help families to understand the issues and feel less alone.

Readers have found that it can be a great source of support both in practical terms and in realising you are not the only one going through this. It can help to ‘take the seriousness out of the condition’.

About the author

Dr Yemula has been working as a Consultant Community Paediatrician in Bedford since January 2001. He is the lead paediatrician for ADHD service and has special interest in assessing and managing children and young people with enuresis, autism and sleep disorders.

Dr Yemula delivers training on the management of enuresis nationally to large groups, including paediatricians, GPs, continence nurse specialists and school nurses. His interactive face to face sessions about nocturnal enuresis have been well received and he has been a regular and well regarded trainer for ERIC for many years.

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