Cheeky Wipes Doodoo Nappies

Cheeky Wipes Doodoo Nappies

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Cheeky Wipes has designed a range of Cheeky Doodoo nappies in conjunction with the amazing Penny Broderick, who set up the UK Cloth Nappy Library scheme back in 2010. 

Poo-nami proof and great for your wallet. These easy to use and eco friendly nappies are suitable from newborn and come in a range of sizes, styles, wraps and accessories.

These reusable nappies are made from 80% bamboo and 20% pico cotton terry. They are super absorbent, however due to separate boosters they are also quick drying. The main benefit of this is that you can build absorbency without bulk based on your baby. 

The sustainable charity, Wrap has reported that by the time a baby is potty trained they could use 4,000-6,000 disposable nappies making up an estimate of 2-3% of household waste. That is HUGE. If you can make an easy switch to try and minimise this wastage, why wouldn’t you? 


ERIC has teamed up with Cheeky Wipes, a great little company that makes washable baby wipes and washable nappies. By clicking on our shop link through to their site, ERIC will receive a small commission on any Cheeky Wipes products that you buy. Any money raised this way will be invested back into delivering our charitable services.