DRI Sleeper Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm

DRI Sleeper Eclipse wireless bedwetting alarm

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The DRI Sleeper® Eclipse alarm uses a remote wireless sensor to detect bedwetting. Simply place the small Urosensor™ in the child's underwear and the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse receiver on a nearby bedside table. When wetting starts, the Urosensor™ will trigger the receiver alarm, sounding a loud alert and waking the child.

Features of the Dri Sleeper® Eclipse bedwetting alarm:

  • No wires between alarm and sensor
  • DRI Sleeper alarm unit size: 70 x 40 x 20mm
  • High volume with tamper-proof volume adjustment
  • Designed like a small 'space rocket' for child appeal
  • The Urosensor™ can transmit to more than one DRI Sleeper® alarm unit, so there can be another receiver in a parent's or carer's room
  • Big detecting area to detect urine
  • Battery will last for three months of nightly use triggering twice a night and therefore shouldn't need changing during the normal treatment period

Urosensor™ technology – the only non-metal urine sensor means there is no corrosion by urine, no skin irritation, and is easy to clean for instant reuse. The sensor will last at least a year if used nightly and triggers the alarm twice a night. The special electronics make the wireless Urosensor™ completely safe. 

Please note that the sensors for all the bedwetting alarms we sell are replaceable items. They do wear out and are not covered by the guarantee.

Replacement sensors for the DRI Sleeper Eclipse alarm are available in our shop.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

We used this with our son who was wetting his bed nightly, and beginning to get a bit embarrassed by it at the age of seven, and it worked wonders. Within two or three weeks it caused something to just click and barring one of two minor accidents he has been dry for over a month know. The sound of the alarm itself is quite traumatic and none of us slept well for a few nights but there was a huge improvement within a week. We tried various other techniques and approaches and were waiting on an appointment with a specialist but no need now. Highly recommended.


Really helped our 7 year old gain control.

Night time alarm

This little alarm is a game changer. We have only been using it for 4 weeks but my son has already started waking almost instantly when the alarm goes off so that he is then able to use the toilet in the nighttime. Before this, we could not wake him at all. We are hopeful that he will be dry in the next few months!

Jonathan Rose

If you're reading these reviews and wondering, like I did, how this could possibly work for your child then my advice would be just to go for it, right away. Our seven year old daughter went from bed wetting every night (and often being wet in the day - she just didn't seem to notice) to being dry and staying dry within a week of doing this. I have no idea how waking up in the night to an alarm reprogrammes their little brains, but somehow it just does, and does it very very quickly. Absolute witchcraft.


I've never written a review before but felt compelled to after the success we had. Our son had been dry at night before he was 4 and was dry for several months before starting school. After starting school he was suddenly wet every night and we ended up going back to pull ups. We tried several times over the next year taking the pull ups away, following all the advice but no success. It felt like my son thought he couldn't keep dry any more and had given up hope. We decided to try the bed wetting alarm as he was approaching his 6th birthday. I thought he would be resistant and would get upset by the loudness but we were so impressed with his attitude. We put the alarm between 2 pairs of pants and a pull up on top to save washing the bedding. The first few nights he was wetting 3 sometimes 4 times a night and it was hard going. We also needed to move the base away from his bed as one night he turned it off and went back to sleep. At about a week he started wetting once in the night and then a couple of days later he was getting himself up for a wee without the alarm going off. And that was it - 10 days after starting no more accidents! We're now a month dry. He still seems to need to go for a wee in the night which he never did when he was dry before but he just gets up and sorts himself out now. Note we struggled to hear the alarm from our room but we told our son to knock on our door on the way to the bathroom when he wet himself so we could sort out cleaning and reinserting the alarm for him. He wouldn't have managed this himself at 5 years old. The alarm is very sensitive so you do need to ensure all wiped dry and no dribbles when they do go to the toilet.