Help! I poo my pants for boys

Help! I poo my pants for boys

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"Toby's pooed his pants again", calls out Louisa. I'd known that I needed the toilet before we got in the car. But I've never been able to poo at other people's houses. And I wasn't going to use the toilets at the Adventure Playground this morning. No way!

This story has been written specially for boys aged 5-8 who withhold their poo and soil their underwear.

It will:

  • Help children who soil feel less alone and isolated
  • Help children understand that they can stop messing their pants
  • Encourage children to try to use the toilet, including school and public toilet.
  • Help parents and children to talk about soiling problems
  • Help parents to understand soiling from their child's point of view

Number of pages: 118

Weight: 122g

Dimensions: 175 x 117 x 8 mm