Kes-Vir Swimwear for girls and boys

Kes-Vir Swimwear for girls and boys

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Kes-Vir Swimwear - Functional, Stylish, Discreet and Comfortable

Children suffering with bowel and bladder problems shouldn’t have to be worried about going swimming.

More so, they should be comfortable enough to enjoy the pool and summer water activities like everyone else.

Kes-Vir's stylish, functional, and highly discreet swimwear is designed specifically for children who struggle with bowel and bladder issues but love to swim. 


ERIC has teamed up with Kes-Vir, a trusted company that makes swimwear especially for children that struggle with bowel and bladder issues. By clicking on our shop link through to their site, ERIC will receive a small commission on any Kes-Vir products that you buy. Any money raised this way will be invested back into delivering our charitable services.

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