Malem MO3(v)

Malem MO3(v)

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This body-worn alarm by Malem is the lightest and smallest bedwetting alarm available. It weighs just 24g including batteries and measures 49 x 39 x 18mm. 

This alarm is comfortably worn on the nightwear close to the shoulder. The alarm is connected by a wire to a sensor which attaches to your child's underwear. 

After being woken up over several nights, your child will either wake up before they do a wee or will learn to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. 

This vibrating alarm is ideal for children that are deaf or hard of hearing. The discreet vibration means it is also a good choice for children that share a bedroom with their brother or sister or at boarding schools in dormitories.

A flashing glow is emitted when the alarm vibrates.


  • instruction leaflet
  • chart to track progress
  • one set of three button batteries

This alarm can be purchased with either a flat plate or easy-clip sensor.

A flat plate sensor can be placed inside an absorbent disposable pad that is worn inside underwear or sandwiched between two pairs of close fitting underwear

The Easy-clip sensor clips securely onto your child's underwear and is particularly good for wriggly sleepers. 

Please note that the sensors are replaceable items. They do wear out and are not covered by the guarantee.

This M03(v) model comes in green.

To offer you reassurance about the safe delivery of your alarm, all our bedwetting alarms are posted using the Royal Mail 48 Hour Tracked and Signed for service. We will provide you with a tracking number when we despatch your alarm. This tracked shipping service is included in the price of your alarm.