Malem flat plate replacement sensor

Malem flat plate replacement sensor

Accessory / spare
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The Malem flat plate replacement sensor is compatible with all body-worn Malem alarm models.

In some cases alarm treatment can last for several months, therefore you may need to purchase a replacement sensor.

  • Small (1.8 x 2.1cm) gold plated sensor
  • Rustproof and moisture-sensitive
  • Sensor quickly detects the first signs of moisture and immediately activates the alarm
  • Detachable, cleanable and replaceable
  • Attached crocodile clip to hold the sensor in place

Options for use:

  • placed inside an absorbent disposable pad that is worn inside underwear;
  • or sandwiched between two pairs of close fitting underwear;
  • or placed and anchored within the fold of Y-front pants