My Puppy's a Poo Magician!

My Puppy's a Poo Magician!

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Meatball the puppy is scared to poo. He is afraid that his poos will hurt so he tries to make them "disappear" by holding them inside his body. Unfortunately those poos keep sneaking back!

Meatball learns that the only way to REALLY make his poos disappear is to push them out!?

This is the story families need to start the conversation about the silent, confusing issues of constipation, stool withholding and encopresis.

What we say...

"A book like ‘My Puppy is a Poo Magician’ is a gentle way to help your child know that this is a common problem that they can overcome whilst they enjoy the story. In Meatball, Melissa has created a lovely character for kids to relate to.

The consequences of trying to make a poo disappear can be hard to explain to a young child; this beautifully written book with charming characterisation and illustration does this job brilliantly. We love this book and were delighted to be asked to contribute a Foreword to Melissa's book".

About the author: 

Melissa Yapp is a speech pathologist and special education teacher who lives in Australia. Throughout her career she has seen how silent and frustrating the issues of constipation, stool withholding and encopresis can be for families to navigate and was inspired to write this book for families and their children to read together.

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Number of pages: 24
Weight: 586g
Dimensions: 21.59 x 0.15 x 21.59 cm
ISBN: 979-8722001801