P&S girls pants for wetting

P&S girls pants for wetting

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Girls padded pants - 100% cotton with built-In absorbent pad.

  • Machine washable up to 40 degrees
  • Holds approximately 215mls
  • Decorative elasticated waistband & leg with coloured bow 
  • Washable up to 250+ times
  • Made in the U.K.

The pants are made with 100% cotton fabrics with a decorative waistband and leg.

The built-in absorbent pad can hold up to 215ml and has a breathable waterproof backing.

The built in pad covers the gusset area to give children protection against light-moderate daytime wetting.

These pants are recommended for day time use only. 

Age  Waist (inches) Waist (cm)
3-4 18"-22" 46-56cm
5-6 20"-24" 51-61cm
7-8 22"-26" 56-66cm
9-10 24"-28" 61-71cm
11-12 28"-32" 71-81cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Frances Simons
Not too bulky and gives my daughter confidence

These are great, not to bulky and my 4 year old daughter finds them comfy and says she doesn't feel like she's in a nappy (very important for her). She is happy with them and they give her some confidence that the little wee accidents she struggles with are not so noticable and don't result in a change of clothes every time.
The team at the Eric shop were really helpful too. Must get some more pairs!


Avoids embarrassment for the young wearer. Very important

Excellent wetting knickers. Absorbent, not too bulky and look very similar to normal knickers

These knickers have padding and a waterproof liner sewn inside, so they look like ordinary knickers, from the outside, just a bit bulkier. The padding is a strip that goes from one waistband to the other and the sides have no padding. The padding is not sewn at the side near the waistband and so are more noticeably not normal knickers for the child wearing them. (Other knickers have the padding under a layer of material and so more disguised.)

They are great for my daughter who tends to have damp or wet knickers as they buy us some time between changes and mean we need to change her clothing less frequently. They also mean that her outer clothing isn’t wet when she has a small accident and so her accidents aren’t so noticeable to other children. They are reasonably quick to wash and dry.

We have also bought the two other pants for wetting available from ERIC and these are our favourite. We use them under dresses (when they might be on show - cartwheels!) and under tights, trousers and leggings. We also have the “boy” version which is blue and great for under darker clothing.

They are much better than any toddler training pants we have used as they are more absorbent and hold more liquid.

It’s worth noting however that my daughter does not empty her bladder in these, but they can handle her small accidents (several of them before having to change).

Excellent service from Eric shop staff as well - thank you for all you do - these products have changed our lives!