P&S girls concealed pants for wetting
P&S girls concealed pants for wetting
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P&S girls concealed pants for wetting

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Girls pants with built-in absorbent pad and hidden inner gusset for an additional pad: 

  • Holds approximately 215mls
  • Machine washable up to 40 Degrees
  • Hidden inner gusset which allows a small pad to be used in conjunction with the built-in pad already present
  • Can be washed up to 250 times
  • Made in the U.K.

The pad on these pants goes all the way from the front of the garment up to the rear of the waistband. With the built in pad present it is concealed with a layer of cotton and has a hidden pouch on the inside for an additional small pad to be used, if required. Suitable for daytime use.

Age  Waist (inches) Waist (cm)
3-4 18"-22" 46-56cm
5-6 20"-24" 51-61cm
7-8 22"-26" 56-66cm
9-10 24"-28" 61-71cm
11-12 28"-32" 71-81cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent product

These pants have given my 6 year old the confidence to go to school & not worry about minor leaks. I’m very impressed with them compared to other products on the market as they are very discreet, & she is happy to wear them. They are not 100% waterproof in that they do get wet if there is a full bladder accident involved, but they stop the minor leaks. They have withstood washing well (follow the instructions - no fabric conditioner & no tumble drying). Would definitely recommend

Happy 3 year old and happy mummy! :-)

Our three year old has a 'duplex kidney' and a constant steady drip, (awaiting surgery) these pants give us both the confidence that she won't leak onto her clothes for a few hours but she still feels like a big girl, in her 'big girl pants'!!! (Potty trained)


These have given my daughter so much more freedom and confidence. She’s struggled with continence since she was three (she’s now age nine) and we’ve used these for the past few years. They wash well (though do follow the instructions - no softener!) and mean she only has to change her pants, not a full clothing change should she have an accident, making it all much more discreet and easier for her to manage on her own at school, at friends’ houses, etc. They even enabled her to go on her first two night residential school trip this academic year, including being strapped into harnesses for climbing and similar activities with less stress. She was absolutely thrilled (and her teachers and I were much less worried!!) Would highly recommend.

Michelle Parker
Pants !!

Brilliant!! These give our 8 yr old confidence during the school day - she’s under the nurse on a water program and so needs to go to the loo several times in the day. These pants give her the chance to get to the loo without embarrassing accidents
Very impressed with the pants and they look so pretty too!!

Sarah Greenshields
Very useful padded knickers

These knickers have padding and a waterproof liner sewn inside the knickers, so they look like ordinary knickers, just a bit bulkier. The padding is a strip that goes from one waistband to the other and the sides have no padding.

They are great for my daughter who tends to have damp or wet knickers as they buy us some time between changes and mean we need to change her trousers/dress/skirts less frequently. They are reasonably quick to wash and dry.

We have also bought the two other pants for wetting available and the website and these currently are our least favourite. I think we will use them more in the winter under tights, but they are the bulkiest of the 3 knickers so we don’t choose to use them under leggings. My 5 year old likes to cartwheel and so I don’t tend to put use them with summer dresses either as they look bulkier than normal knickers.

If your child is concerned about using wetting knickers these are a good option as on the inside they look like normal knickers, they are comfy and they are absorbent.

They are much better than any toddler training pants we have used.

It’s worth noting however that my daughter does not empty her bladder in these, but they can handle her small accidents (several of them before having to change).

I haven’t tried them with another absorbent pad added (as mentioned in the description).

Excellent service from Eric shop staff as well - thank you for all you do - these products have changed our lives!